A community index for Miami-Dade County. Through service-learning and community input we will create a scalable database that could be used as a teaching tool and an indispensible resource for members of the community and the otherwise interested.
Download location for METAR data is not accessible.

What is the Florida Community Studies Consortium?


The Miami Dade Community Studies Consortium is an evolving partnership that links interdisciplinary projects between the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the University of Miami, other institutions of higher education, local governments, non-profit groups, senior citizens and interested community members.

Its goal is to expand knowledge and public awareness of our neighborhoods, our local history, government, business, land use environmental policy, public communications, and urban design. It will help define a deeper sense of individual and group identification with our region. Ancillary outcomes include the development of secondary-school learning modules to be used throughout the MDCPS, an increase in knowledge and concern for neighborhoods by students, enhanced skill set in the use of science, communications and historical research methods; greater community awareness of our pressing social, economic and environmental problems, and enhanced forms of civic engagement in a pro-social manner.

Virginia Key Master Planning Site

Check out the site for Virginia Key here .  It is intended to facilitate broad public involvement in forging the Master Plan for the island. Yet people need to know more about the island- its history, natural areas and environmental conditions, zoning and land use classifications - and pressures for development. Other waterfront planning efforts will eventually be integrated with this site, including that of Bicentennial Park and Coconut Grove. Student research and documentary production is encouraged. Contact us or send documents or comments.

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