Virginia Key Public Planning Coalition

Planning for the future of Virginia Key in Miami

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PLANNING AND THE PUBLIC VOICE: Making the Future Happen at Virginia Key Beach

This site, part of the Florida Community Studies Consortium is designed to facilitate public input into the future land uses of Virginia Key. We encourage students and all residents to learn about the

A Project Idea to Help the Planning Process for Virginia Key

A Proposal for a Joint Project by Miami, Miami Dade County, the National Park Service and Other Partners:

Nature Link: The Miami Waterfront Center

Proposed by: Gregory Bush, Institute for Public History, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124 305-667-4398

May 16 City Public hearing Postponed Until June 18

We have heard that the May 16 hearing has been postponed until June 18. When we know more, we will pass it on. You still have opportunity to make comments on the city EDSA site for Planning va Key.

Draft of scholarly article by Um Prof. Gregory Bush on the History of Virginia Key beach

This scholarly article is to be published in a forthcoming book by Prof. Irwin Winsboro.

Readers should know that that beach is 80acres of the entire island of 1,000 acres. The Master Plan is focused on planning the entire island.

Va Key - City of Miami Public Hearing March 29 6-8 pm

Please attend public hearing at UM's Rosenstiel School Auditorium

Your input is important. Examine the EDSA site for detailed information about zoning and other matters.

Mabel Miller talks about Virginia Key (video)

Mabel Miller, long time environmentalist, talks about Virginia key. You can edit this video with comments.(for a tutorial go to and click on the tutorial.)
To simply watch the interview click the "play" button below. You can navigate through the video by selecting comments

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